Updated 2015-07-16 Added few chapters like Time Dilation Field Measurement, and Energy to Mass conversion.

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You can only get this here, if you like it, just copy/paste it. It will soon be deleted. Because of censorship. This is because Albert Einstein was a Jew. Just google for the Einstein files, and you will understand.

I Recommend watching this little YouTube video that explains in 31 seconds how multidimensional theory works. I cannot explain Spooky Action At A Distance without introducing this theory. It is the basis for my new chapter about QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. Skip to End After you have seen the introduction of D(U) Without it you will not understand Plurality By Point Of View. Just takes you 31 seconds, just watch.

Einstein, Dimensions, The Unity Matrix and Infinity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itRtfH2kReg

I recommend watching this little YouTube video that explains how Celestia works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKj1n0VGrzI
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*Introduction: This book is called The Universe For Dummies and Retards, I write a chapter whenever I like. It is not finished. But it is free as long as you comply with GNU PUBLIC LICENSE you are free to use, modify or fork it, but remember, your obligations are to include this unmodified text/book with it. English is not my native language so it will contain grammar mistakes.


*A Matter of Time
*Cosmic After Glow, A Look Over The Horizon
*Terminal Gravity
*Dimensions and The Matrix
*Plurality By Point Of View
*Quanta-Mechanics versus Quantum-Mechanics
*Quantum Charge Stream and Intergrid Dimensional Theory
*Zerofication of Relativity Theory
*Folded Spaces in Virtual Observation
*Gravity, The Composited Force
*Discovery of The Neutrino
*Time Dilation Field Measure
*Rocket Science
*Matter from Energy
*Standard Model
*Gravity Defied
*Beam me up Scotty.
*Zero gravity

*A Matter of Time

We see the universe as it was, not as is. We observe over 13 billion years. But is it right to say the universe is this age? And I say no. What we see is the remnants of what was, the universe existed far more earlier. We are reasoning from our point of view without taking time dilation into account. For example in extreme gravity situations like on our own Sun time progresses much differently. Let me explain, take a spaceship and keep accelerating it with 1g, until it approaches light speed it will generate gravity of 1g and for the observer time on the spaceship keeps slowing down as Lorentz contraction and Time contraction become more relevant the spaceship can exist way longer in time-space-continuum compared to the observer. Again I ask you to calculate the real age of the Sun if you compare it with artificially gravity like the spaceship going faster and faster and this way creating artificial gravity. Your conclusion could be the Sun is much younger from the point of the Sun's view. In reality but not for the observer, the Sun is burning out real fast until it fuses into an Iron star and it will die. For us humanity we see the Sun as an observer burning out slowly as a high speed movie slowed down. This is a Paradox. I gave it lot of thought though and my conclusion is that eventually we can no longer in any possible way say how old the universe is. End of part1/142

*Cosmic After Glow, A Look Over The Horizon

Imagine you were at sea and were looking for other ships. You would soon realize that you see over the horizon since the top of other ships are seen before the whole ship shows up. Early ships had a nest to look as far over the horizon as possible. It were men at sea to be the first to see and conclude that Earth is curved. Now imagine a beautiful day. No matter where you look, the sky looks homogeneous. Many scientist believe we live in a curved Universe, and I agree. Just as in the example of ships at sea, if you just look far enough, you will look over the Universe it's horizon. Scientist call it the Cosmic Afterglow. Does it belong to our Universe since our Universe its inception? And I do not concur. I assume the cosmic afterglow is similar to Earth its horizon. It is bound to our Universe yes, but it manifests its self because of external reasons. There would not be a sky without the Sun. There would not be a Universe without something unknown. The only prove is that we live in a curved space. And we are looking over our Universe its Horizon. End of part2/142

*Terminal Gravity

It is important you know how artificial gravity is created. I t is described in the chapter A Matter of Time. From Einstein you derive that you can only create gravity artificially until light speed is approached. With energy you thus so create gravity. However the opposite is true too. With matter clustering you create gravity although now in natural form. Suppose your car broke down. You ask people to push your car then you set your car in its first transmission gear, give some gas. The people who pushed your car created a very small force, yes indeed gravity in your back, for this it took these people energy, the people pushing your car needed food which is matter that contains energy also. Matter needs energy to manifest itself. But energy needs matter to manifest itself too. They are needing each other. Now imagine a very unimaginable big star that collapses because there is no more energy for fusion to protect itself against the clustering of matter. Scientists call it black holes. Why do they suck matter? Because for gravity to exist either energy or matter needs to be obtained. The only way for a black hole to continue existence is draining energy to maintain a natural terminal gravitational field, which is obtained from external obtained matter. This GRAVITUS IN TERMINUS cannot exceed some limitations like light speed is proven to be finite too. Inside black holes there simply is maximum gravity. Now ask yourself, does Anti Gravity exists? We observe an expanding universe, how can something so powerful like a black hole be over won by something as simple as an unknown force? I assume we observe hereby that Anti Gravity manifests itself on a UNIVERSE WIDE scale. I assume that Anti Gravity is the most powerful force in the Universe. Assume Earth its gravity suddenly would turn into anti gravity. The whole planet would go Big Bang until ANTIGRAVITUS IN TERMINUS is reached and matter of which earth consisted could cluster again. Fortunately we are unable to create this most powerful force I could ever possibly think of. But there is observable evidence in our ever expanding universe its assumed momentum, where its accelerating expansion proves its not momentum or inertia/ertia. Have we discovered Anti Gravity? As Stephen Hawking predicts this theory describes that eventually black holes dissipate and simply cease to exist too. Just because light speed is finite, THERE IS A MAXIMUM TERMINAL GRAVITY. I do not break any rule of science. Einstein explained it all and so did Stephen Hawking. For example scientists world wide say DARK ENERGY is responsible for the universe its expansion, but as I explained, energy needs matter and matter needs energy to manifest themselves. It is thus for me reasonable to assume the same is true for DARK ENERGY and DARK MATTER needing each other to create the force that expands our universe. ANTI GRAVITY is not simply a force in the opposite direction of gravity like the gravity field of earth. However, what happens when DARK MATTER and DARK ENERGY are NOT COMBINED? We cannot interact or see with DARK MATTER, however inside our Milky Way Galaxy at only 25000 light years the extremely BLACKHOLE does not have enough power to hold our Milky Way Galaxy together. Hereby I introduce the FORCE DARK GRAVITY, since THAT IS WHAT WE CAN PROVE AND IT HOLDS OUR MILKYWAY GALAXY TOGETHER. Why bother with formulas. End of part3/142

*Dimensions and The Matrix

We all experience multiple dimensions. We can move along X, Y and Z. However for this we need time, T. This gives us D(X,Y,Z,T) where D simply stands for Dimensions. However for those who know about linear algebra and Matrix Transformations know that to make it all work you need one dimension higher to multiply one Matrix with another. I assume you understand linear algebra. Assume you are sitting in your chair in front of your television. Now walk inside your room, you are now transforming in D(X,Y,Z,T), when you spin yourself or look around you even do rotation in D(X,Y,Z,T). Now go back to your television. You are at the same origin aren't you? NO you ARE NOT!!!, look at your television, for example it had turned on Dr. Phil he is now talking to another guy, meanwhile the Earth rotated, our Solar System is following its momentum, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED IN D(X,Y,Z,T). The SAME PLACE ONLY EXISTS IN THEORY. This is CALLED THE MATRIX. Or in other words, our Universe. And it all started easy you always thought you came back at the same place, however this is impossible. For being able to transform and rotate in D(X,Y,Z,T) according to the linear algebra Matrices we multiply with each other another Dimension needs to be introduced, I simply call it U. So we experience and live in D(X,Y,Z,T) where T simply is Time, we now introduce D(X,Y,Z,T,U). For humans this is difficult to understand, however simply feed this into the Unity Matrix with a diagonal of yes indeed X,Y,Z,T,U simply being 1. This is called setting Unity for the World Matrix, where the World Matrix simply is the origin of our Universe. Now feed in the data of our Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and so on, simply only their D(X,Y,Z,T,1). And now you can simulate our Solar System inside a computer simply by the introduction of Dimension U. But remember in reality we have no control over all these Dimensions, THEY ARE GONE FOREVER!!! D(X,Y,Z,T) simply exist for a Planck interrupt, the shortest moment of existence. I do however only know we need Dimension(U) to simply exist and live, rotate, transform, without Dimension(U) there would only be D(X,Y,Z) and for being able to live in these Dimensions you would still need D(T). Under to live I mean to transform, to rotate, to exist. Forget all those boring linear algebra calculations, simply make the computer do the dirty work, there is no need to understand Dimension D(U), we simply need it, without it... no Universe. However this makes you wonder will we one day understand Dimension D(U)? I really recommend you to install Celestia, it uses all this technology. It does not look beautiful, as those pretty science fiction renders, but at least it is as real as it gets. Simply start by looking for the moon, with your mouse and arrows, right click the Moon, and in the pop up menu choose what ever you want. End of part4/142
*Plurality By Point Of View, Spooky Action At A Distance.

As a composer myself I can think of the most beautiful songs, however putting these songs inside a machine like a computer or on paper is extremely difficult. I thought it all out, however lets begin. If you want to know, if you have watched the Celestia Video, I am the composer. Take two marbles of dark color, both marbles must have a hole in it. This hole must be able to be closed down at will. Now lay down these marbles at a flat surface like a carpet. Take a laser. Make sure the holes inside the marbles are aligned. Now shine with your laser through the hole. As you understand both marbles will not reflect anything, NO ENTANGLEMENT. Now turn the marble which is farthest away of you, again shine with your laser, and now? You see due to perfect alignment of these marbles the laser shining on the marble a dot of laser light because that marble has turned and is able to reflect. However here comes the trick, you are able to control the laser in the first marble by simply shutting the marble closest nearby you as fast as you can. This is called ONE WAY ENTANGLEMENT. The second marble far away its state can be read with the speed of light, simply by the first marble controlling its inside shutter. That is why I call this one way entanglement. Now replace the marbles with Silver Marbles, again have a fast shutter device inside them. Imagine this Silver was so reflective, that light between the marbles from the laser can never escape. Now start thinking about these marbles spinning fast, shutter fast, light which never escapes once the light is trapped between the marbles. Now these marbles will synchronize. I call this SYNCHRONIZED QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. In reality however I need you to understand the simple Dimensional Theory chapter that describes how our universe can be simulated inside a computer. In the provided example you can look at the marbles from all kinds of direction, but here it comes, QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT ONLY WORKS WHEN 1 DIMENSION IS THE SAME. Since D(X,Y,Z,T) are NOT the same due to lightspeed, only D(U) can be the Dimension that is responsible for the fact that we can observe Spooky Action At A Distance. However I do not know everything about D(X,Y,Z,T,1) with now D(U) included simply set at 1. What in fact I am trying to say is, are we not looking at the same marble (particle) just from another point of view? Now repeat everything I explained with 2 marbles but now with only just 1 marble. PLURALITY BY POINT OF VIEW needs D(U). In fact to create quantum entangled particles, we force 2 particles to become 1, WE PUSH IT INSIDE DIMENSION D(U) and NOW THEY ARE ONE. End of part5/142

*Quanta-Mechanics versus Quantum-Mechanics [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Photon in Ultra Violet spectrum left star 10 billion years ago. While traveling photon lost energy. After 10 billion years photon hits Hubble Telescope. We see photon is now in near infrared spectrum. And so we concluded the star emitting the photon travels away from us. But that might not always be the case. Sure there is doppler effect for more than 1 photon, but I believe traveling through space takes energy for every single photon. However, ever seen a single photon? I think not. Photons are able to transfer energy when they come in quantities to another photon. In this case a Photon in near infrared spectrum leaves star, it looses energy while traveling through space, it wins energy from a complement photon emmitted later, and on impact with observer Hubble Telescope we see a near Violet photon. And so we conclude the star comes to us. I am talking Quantum-mechanics but a special kind of Quantum-mechanics. No longer I see a photon as 1 particle, so what I say is not true quantum mechanism. I have not come up with the name to entitle this phenomenon. But it explains dualistic behavior of Quantum particles, which I hereby declare Quanta-mechanics, Quantum-mechanics and now I come up with Quanta-mechanics? Only 1 thing is different, read carefully and watch the letter 'a' in Quanta or 'u' in Quantum. So I hope you understand this theory is under GNU PUBLIC LICENSE! Free for anyone.

Possible End of part6/142

*Quantum Charge Stream and Intergrid Dimensional Theory [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Many scientist think that the Universe is Discrete because Quantum Physics tell us everyhing comes in Quanta. However think about particles like Neutrinos at least a 1000 billion times as small as a H+ proton, proving that a simple Hydrogen Atom with Electron actually is mostly emptyness. Do no longer consider particles as a single thing whatever. Think of it as 'in state of being at charge'. I mean for example the Photon, I do not consider it a single object, but a collection of Energy. I call this the Quantum Energy Charge Stream. And the prove is simply that objects with mass or either without mass like Neutrinos exist. Think like this. An Electron (e-) is orbiting a proton (H+), a Photon in current science without something interbetween excites the Electron pushing the Electron in a higher orbit along the Proton. However instead of thinking this as something immediate I introduce it as an Electron being charged. And charging takes time. This is the first step to Unify Discrete and Analog Universum Theory. However for this we need to know how to explain Intergrid Dimensional Theory. Meaning a currently supposed single object like the Photon in current science cannot be at multiple places at the same time. But in Analog Wave Theory it can. However think again, read this chapter again. A Photon can be at multiple places at the same time. That is the conclusion, and it unites Wave Theory and Particle Theory. In basic words it simply means Distribution of Charge. And hereby I introduce a very logical and perhaps so silly formula.
Meaning Photons in this example can borrow charge from the interspacial grid like I own you an Apple and give you back an Apple later. Our whole Universe according to laws of Energy could not have existed without it. Since our Universe does exist I simply say what practice allready proved. A Photon can exist at multiple locations at the same time! However remember that a Photon is a Charge of Energy, Remember it Takes time to Charge. It is time Why Lightspeed thusso is Finite. And so we can go to unify Wave Theory and Single Quantum Theory. And by conclusion of this, a Photon is just Distributed Energy, it can easily divide and behave like as if it is a Wave. So yes the Photon exisists at multiple places at the same time. Just like practice will show you, it will prove that a Photon ( or another particle ) is like being at multiple places at the same time. Practice will show you that Photons subtract or add each-other, however think again. It is DISTRIBUTED CHARGE OF ENERGY making us think that a single Photon is at the same place in D(X,Y,Z,T) law is broken making us believe in Wave Theory. And therefore I hereby give the basics of Unification. Sure it is not the theory of everything. But it really is Unification Theory.
Possible End of part7/142

*Zerofication of Relativity Theory
However current theory of Einstein and Lorentz Time Dilation only describes Time Contraction and not Time Extention for this kind of massive objects. It in fact is negative Lorentz contraction, so I seek out a new law. The inverse of Lorentz.

We are having arguments here in GNU and Copyright land.
(-E=-MC^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5 + (E=MC^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5  = 0
All documents we release have been declassified, mainly the Albert Einstein Documents. However sometimes these documents simply vanish. We do not accept this current situation. Einstein worked for a long time on Unification. And this information should be free for anyone. Especially since all Einstein information is now declassified, we are legally allowed to give you everything.

So you want to know everything about Einstein?
(-E=-MC^2)+(E=MC^2) = 0
Save them all, since it now is availlable, and start by reading last document first. Since we work backwards in time. It contains all Albert Einsteins Formulas. But not the theory of Everything, just a glimps of Unification. Trust me read all the documents, just a few thousand pages from Albert Einstein. Can that be sad? Well it is, as you know Albert was a Human Rights Activist. I hereby hope you will download all files for the future. Because now these files are here, and they will once no longer be there.

Download all files please, and start with reading last, work backwards like I do:

(-E=-MC^2)+(E=MC^2) = 0
This formula means the Universe is paying back its existence and will end in the great nothing. It is just the law of thermodynamics:

So yes, we live on borrowed time, our whole universe is borrowed, like I eat 5 apples without paying you, and you just wanting to have 5 apples back, but with me unable to pay you back 5 apples. This doesn't include the interest, so we deliberately keep information back.

Remember this formula, Zerofication of Relativity:
(-E=-MC^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5 + (E=MC^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5  = 0

Remember that I (and we) work backwards from E=MC^2 multiplied with Lorentz contraction, and the Universe must be Zerofied otherwise very important Laws are broken. Remember that v in the formula is a sigma of dx,dy,dz and depends on time so the formula becomes bigger and bigger. Want to see? Eventually we end with a formula so big it doesn't fit just on a single paper of A4 anymore. Fill in v (velocity), Fill in M (mass) and don't care about C as a captial C or a lowercase c.

Damn, I could show you the formulas but I cannot write it down here since it needs Sigma signs. I will give an improper example. (Just example but not written down formally, but limited by ASCII character set.)
(-E=-MC^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5 + (E=MC^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5  = 0
(-E=-MC^2)/(1-D(x,y,z,t,1)^2/(2.99792458*10^8)^2 )^0.5 + (E=MC^2)/(1-D(x,y,z,t,1)^2/(2.99792458*10^8)^2 )^0.5 = 0
There also needs to be a vector from left to right over D(x,y,z,t,1) like an arrow.
But remember D(x,y,z,t,1) is a theory described on my google + about page.

This stupid and silly formula actually describes the creation of the Universe and the Downfall (Zerofication) of the Universe. Our Universe because of -E=-MC^2 not simply expands faster and faster, our Universe in fact is Zerofied faster and faster, meaning at the end of the existence of our Universe we Pay Back the Interest of borrowed Energy because of Inflation Theory the Universe was created from Nothing. This surplus of Energy the so called Energy Interest will in its turn create a new Big Bang but now in that Universe Protons would be negative, Electrons would be positive and so on. Have some pleasure and read this a few times to understand.

People claim copyrights on Albert Einsteins formulas from over 100 years ago, and I say, sorry, law just does not allow that. Download all files while you can.

I am not allowed to speak in formulas since it has forbidden to me at 5-5-2005 by the royal dutch militairy police, since formulas they said would scare people. However to defend myself I can no longer hide formulas. I want an honest defence. In fact just the formula E=MC^2 is an infinite sequence of Taylor polynoms, which defines mass.

Mass is just a Sigma of its units, however no one knows what is the undivisible unit.

When reading Einstein I always have Deja Vu, and that feels nice. You might think that it is difficult theory, but if you are able to draw a 3D model of a cube in a (x,y,z) axis and understand how a clock works like reading current time, and read it just 10 times again and again and again... This is also why I go into smaller things and not into great things like stars as Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Quasars, Pulsars. Although sooner or later I will discuss Pulsars, imagine a star spinning around 30 times a second with incredible mass, with Gamma Rays coming from its North and South poles. How can anyone accept that such a large mass spins so fast without some very important law that is currently missing? I am actually speaking Einstein Theory again to explain it, again it is Time Dilation making us believe the Pulsar spins so fast. However current theory of Einstein and Lorentz Time Dilation only describes Time Contraction and not Time Extention for this kind of massive objects. It in fact is negative Lorentz contraction, so I seek out a new law. The inverse of Lorentz.
Possible End of part8/142

*Folded Spaces in Virtual Observation

Everyone having 2 mirrors is able to reflect photons in the visible spectrum from one mirror to the other mirror which gives the 'illusion' of a virtual space that exceeds the actual space. This is called recursion. A photon hits an electron in one mirror. Now an electron will orbit higher around its atom(s). However now very soon the electron will fall back to its original orbit. And hereby emitting a photon - although when the photon has enough energy the electron is too excited and leaves the atom. - (Photo Electric Effect) It is very important to know that the second photon emitted after the first photon excited the electron has a fraction less of energy. Therefore in this recursive virtual 'illusive' space photons will loose energy and there fore will shift in frequency. Which means that from the perspective of the photon the space between the 2 mirrors is actually folded. From our perspective we see this as infinity between the 2 mirrors, however try this experiment for yourself. Align the mirrors vertically. By theory described here for example a blue photon emitter like a blue laser will at end shift into infra red and finally out of visible spectrum. Now comes another important probability. Make sure the mirrors are as far away from each other as you can. In human practically setups it is not possible to observe this red shift frequency. (photon loosing energy while bouncing from one mirror to the other) because light speed is to high for this experiment to notice -at small scale- this assumed phenomenon. Now one can conclude perhaps a simple fact. From the photon's point of view it looks like space it travels is folded. And so we/I call this FOLDED SPACES by POINT OF VIEW. Compare this to a marble trapped between 2 walls. Put the marble in motion. The marble will hit a wall and will reflect to the other wall until all energy of motion (momentum) in the marble is lost (increasing inertia). This makes you asking yourself where did the energy of the trapped photons between the mirrors go? Yes the photons excited electrons. Yes energy was transferred into mass. Here we see a transformation of real energy into existing mass – THE EXCITED ELECTRON. However why is the electron not able to keep its increased mass? Because the electron orbits the atom/atoms it needs energy to sustain momentum. This is not possible for the electron and ATRACTIVE FORCE from the atom core – PROTONS – force the electron to release mass so mass is transferred back to energy – the emitted photon – again. But remember, the excited photon according theory has a very tiny fraction LESS of energy than photon which excited this electron. The most promosing fact is that with photons we are actually able to create mass, but at the cost of an incredible small amount of energy. However as said we are not yet able to sustain this energy to mass conversion in the excited electron. This is what we/I mean with zerofication of the universe. For a photon time does not exist. This is reason to assume described folded space theory. However it must not be forgotten that the original photon is lost and final photon is of a totally different magnitude.

Photon Kickback

Possible End of part9/142

*Gravity, The Composited Force Explained by Spin

Imagine a pool table. You hit a ball and it follows a straight line. However professionals can hit the ball at a certain place so it spins while it moves forward with as result a curved motion. Just like mass affects time space continuum, this analogy uses spin to explain why gravity exists. It's a very simplified version. But you get the idea. It's also the ball spinning making gravity (bend curved forward motion) possible. I therefore assume gravity is at least a composited force consisting of mutual interaction. In this example the green sheet of the pool table and the spin of the ball. Have a nice day.

Gravity The Composited Force

Possible End of part10/142

*Discovery of The Neutrino

In Hadron notation n -> p + e + v (e) was known before even the Neutron was discovered. I think it was 1930. Then the e stands for electron (beta decay) was easily measured but something was missing besides the n (Neutron Fermion) conversion to p (Proton Fermion). And the v (e) which is an electron neutrino neutral of charge hence difficult to detect without collision. So in 1932 when the Neutron was discovered as known today they renamed what was previously the Neutron into Neutrino. I will coin the word Entity for composited particles like the Proton (2u1d Fermion uneven Quark collection) If you don't understand what I am saying, the neutrino was discovered before the neutron and I just wrote something about it. Perhaps you have heard of the LHC Large Hadron Collider, now restart reading this message that starts with hadron notation beta decay. A Proton is a Baryon and a Neutron too. But they are Hadrons alsoo. And the Proton Baryon Hadron with charge 1 can easily be accelerated in the LHC. What scientists do is just messing and freaking with nature and then fantasy is needed to make up formulas that are to describe what is happening although I again prefer Quark notation like 2u1d and 2d1u for Proton respectively Neutron.

Neutrino Event

Possible End of part11/142

*Time Dilation Field Measurement

We are living in a Time Dilation Field. This is told as a cartoon tale but it can be proven. 'I was watching Southpark on Comedy Central, and Eric Cartman suddenly was a genius, how funny. Cartman studied isotope half life. And discovered the shorter the distance between Earth and the Sun the greater the gravity fields cause time dilation due to Lorenz contraction. Eric noticed half life decreases the shorter the distance to the Sun is. What is your opinion, you can take a year and measure it yourself. But there is more. Cartman not only predicts Time Dilation but at the same time space time distortion all causing our relatively perspective of views. Common belief is decay time does not change, but do The SOUTHPARK Experiment. Time dilation is a paradox since we are subjected to dilition of time also. Good luck, i really think Eric Cartman deserves a good explanation regarding relativity, Einstein and radio isotope decay time. Southpark is so nice, it's awesome.'

Radio Isotope Decay is a good way to determine the fluctuations in the time dilation field we live in. At least Solar activity affects this time dilation field. So I return to spin theory again.

Isotope Decay

Possible End of part12/142

*Rocket Science

Imagine a rocket with endless fuel. This rocket has inertia. First fuel will be used to over win inertia. Assume a stable amount of fuel to produce a stable propulsion force is available. Now relativity formulas say the faster the rocket goes the more energy it has. But this applies to the rocket fuel too. The faster the rocket goes the more energy per mass unit the fuel has. So actually you need less fuel per time to keep acceleration the faster the rocket goes. This relativistic energy changes the rockets inertia. But at a certain point relativistic energy suddenly rises exponentially causing exponential inertia for the rocket when approaching light speed. E=(mc^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5 and according to this formula both the energy potential of the rocket fuel and inertia of the rocket rise incredible so despite endless theoretical fuel light speed cannot be reached. But the good news is, the faster the rocket goes the more potent energy its fuel has as long as you keep below a certain threshold. Meaning to for example keep acceleration with 1g you need less and less fuel because of this relativistic phenomenon. But light speed can never been reached though. Regards, and thanks to the person telling me electron and positron create gamma rays when they meet each other. ( 511 kilo electron volt for each gamma photon. )

Rocket Science

Possible End of part13/142

*Matter from Energy

Since positron antimatter and electron matter together annihilate into 2 gamma Photons of 511 kilo electron volt I would like an experiment with a Gamma Ray Photon from at least 1.022 Giga electron volt beamed inside a fluid detection chamber. But I assume a little bit more energy in the Gamma Photon is necessary. I want to see matter created from Gamma Photon decay. The more energy a Photon has the more its energy charge must be distributed and exceed a Planck Length. Unfortunately on Earth scientists cannot create gravity strong enough to curve Gamma Rays so for that Nucleus Decay is necessary as a source. See my google plus about page to download CURRENT.PDF readable with Firefox. I find it sad that English isn't my primary language. And also I personally don't care about wheter I have to write Kilo or kilo, so I fully write such things out.

Energy To Mass
Possible End of part14/142

*Standard Model

To learn about particles in the Standard Model it is advised to learn from the left column to the right column as illustrated here below. While learning this way you can look ahead a few times so you build knowledge slowly but it is easier to do.

Standard Model

Possible End of part15/142

*Gravity Defied

As you see gravity is a very weak force. A tiny bit of kinetic energy is used to create a light emitting diode spinning around a central point. As you also notice this force from kinetic energy created is perpendicular at earths gravity. Hence why I am sure gravity even on earth is very weak. And at the same time it's the spin causing increased stability inside earths gravity. Like cycling your bike, with the kinetic energy with your legs you spin the wheels and defy gravity since then too you cycle perpendicular. And you don't fall sideways. And this is again spin from energy. But as you know mass is energy. And all particles we know except perhaps the Higgs Boson have a spin. But even when you believe spin isn't responsible for gravity you have to admit that spin is proven to stabilize particles inside gravity fields. Although I know when you jump from an airplane you believe earths gravity is enormous it is easily defied as explained. Have a nice weekend.

Possible End of part16/142

*Beam me up Scotty.

People I know how to beam with light speed an electron. First there is the sacrifice antimatter. Now there is the electron to beam. We use the antimatter to convert the electron into energy. But not before we changed the electron e- and the electron e+ impulse. We watch over spin too. And after sacrified antimatter the electron now is absolutely energy of at least 511 kilo electron Volt. And now my beam me up scotty fails. I don't know yet a receiver station that increases the directed energy stream to carry enough power to fall apart into the original electron and sacrificed antimatter. Trust me, this is totally different from just acceleration of an electron. No it is no teleportation. It is converted matter into energy to beam to the receiver. And therefore I have laid the basis of Beam me up Scotty technology. But remember, antimatter has to be sacrificed. And so a long dream from science fiction of Star Trek might become humanity it's possession. 

As energy the electron is in the Gamma Ray Spectrum and can easily be beamed through large amounts of matter. What you should understand is that we beam the original electron and it travels in energy form with light speed immediately. What we need is a way to convert the Gamma Ray Photon back to the original electron. And that can be done on the receiving site only when we increase the Photon its energy over twice its amount of energy e.g. sacrifice a Photon to increase the transport Gamma Ray Photon its energy over 1.022 Giga electron Volt. Then we get back the original electron. Not just another electron as like radio waves. (Which are photons too.) In short even most dense matter like Pb Lead usually cannot distort the Gamma Photon electron transport beam. Only gravity can do that. But remember this all happens on in the Quantum mechanics miniscule world. So in theory we need a Photon to sacrifice by collision too.


Possible End of part17/142

*Zero gravity

No matter where you are being in a spaceship around or earth or in a parabolic flight from an airplane, it is as if gravity doesn't exist. But there is evidence forces like gravity are still at work. Imagine you are at the center of our planet Earth. You would not experience gravity since all forces sum up to zero. And so this chapter is called zero gravity. And yes even when gravity is all around you it sums are zero.

This means a formula from Newton like F = -F becomes F + F = 0 = 2F which is wrong. So I would rather say the right formula is F = F because that becomes F – F = 0 and describes the situation correctly.

Zero Gravity

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*The great nothing, The Void. It will take the me a moment to complete the information. Matter that comes from the void only exists for a short moment, together with their antiparticle they appear from the great nothingness, the greater its speed the longer it survives, but they are tangled and destroy each-other. Date of observation 1996 doing physics. I will study it. This chapter is severely delayed.


udd → uud + e- + !v

u Quark charge is +2/3
d Quark charge is -1/3
e- is electron
!v is Anti neutrino

udd = +2/3 + - 1/3 + -1/3 = 0 = Neutron
uud = +2/3 + +2/3 + -1/3 = 1 = Proton

And so Beta decay radiation (electrons) by changing Quark flavor changes a Neutron into a Proton. So I assume a Neutron is heavier than a Proton. And despite that a heavier element is created by Beta decay radiation.

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Zerofication of Relativity Theory, explaining -E=-MC^2 explaining Pulsar stars and the search for inverse Lorentz formula. Explaining Creation of Universe and what happens when our Universe its life will end.
(-E=-MC^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5 + (E=MC^2)/(1-v^2/c^2)^0.5  = 0
(-E=-MC^2)/(1-D(x,y,z,t,1)^2/(2.99792458*10^8)^2 )^0.5 + (E=MC^2)/(1-D(x,y,z,t,1)^2/(2.99792458*10^8)^2 )^0.5 = 0
There also needs to be a vector from left to right over D(x,y,z,t,1) like an arrow.
But remember D(x,y,z,t,1) is a theory described on my google + about page and in this document.
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Introduction of Quantum Charge Stream and Intergrid Dimensional Theory.
Unification of Wave Theory and Particle Theory.
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Introduction of DARK GRAVITY
Explaining Quantum Entanglement
Einstein: Spooky Action At A Distance becomes PLURALITY BY POINT OF VIEW.
To multiply matrices I needed to add a D(X,Y,Z,T) to become D(X,Y,Z,T,1).
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