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This is a guide for Jews who have been become a victim of Enhanced ### Interrogation. I will explain how I was interrogated, why, and with what purpose.

* Why?
I studied a book of Einstein that I bought from ebay. I did not know Einstein was a terrorist. The book was about Einsteins Relativity Theory. At least this is what I was told what was the reason I became a terrorist suspect. Unfortunately you can google for 'The Einstein Files' and read declassified files from the FBI, and actually Einstein was a terrorist according to the FBI. It consist of PDF documents. I did not know. As a Jew at school, we learned that Einstein was someone who wanted peace, Einstein even was invited to become Israels first president. The book its print was from before world war I, old and I assumed free and common knowledge.

* The Man Hunt
I was visited by someone who said he was from the military police. He wanted to know where I was working on. He came day after day, I thought that is a friendly guy. I was developing software and he recorded everything what I was doing simply with his phone. One day he said, WOW THIS MEANS A LOT OF MONEY!!! He asked me 'can you prove you designed it?' And I said 'No, a rich company will simply steal it, so I will make it open source.' And he became vicious and suddenly changed, I asked him what he did with all the recordings he made from the design, and he replied that was not my concern any longer.

The next day I went outside my home, I was surrounded by what I call Aryans. You know I felt like an Afro American surrounded by the Klux Klux Klan. They had swastikas, called me a filthy Jew, and they had scaring dogs with them. 'Run you f*ck*ng Jew!' they screamed. And I ran. The most frightening thing I discovered was their cars license plates. Diplomatic License Plates. At this time I did thought it where Germans. All diplomatic license plates start with the same identifier. And so I was caught, I made it only 20 miles, followed by a diplomatic immune squat wearing swastikas. You cannot imagine what things they tell you. Like things that I should be put into a gas chamber, that a lethal injection was too merciful for me. And how I would feel if one of the children would get a chemical induced double lung pneumonia. They threaten so much, and they proudly brag about what they are. WE ARE ###!!! And they took of their swastikas from their sleeves and one showed me a badge showing ###.

* Bed Of Mercy
I was physically in good health. I was taken to a spe###l chamber. They used leather belts to tie me face upwards, tied my sleeves, and legs and put something over my head. Before I knew what happened I was choking and suffocating, my face felt as cold as Ice. And I was so scared that I did shit and peed all out. I was fighting for my life. They kept screaming JEW, JEW, JEW, F*CK YOU!!! But I did not pas out. This was before it became headlines. I was water boarded. On youtube you can find examples of people who volunteer to be water boarded.

I feel ashamed of what I will tell you now, but I have too. After what seemed hours they untied me and put me with my ass up on the bed of mercy to tie me back again. They inserted something in my ass. It hurt, Ooh it hurt. They said You gonna enjoy this, trust me we never cheat. And before I knew it felt like they put electricity on what I call the Anal Probe. And I no longer had my penis under control. They read about Sodom and Gomorrah and that I had been found guilty by God of Homosexuality. The following day they simply let me go, and again said 'Run Jew!!!'

And they started hunting again, I tried to get cash, withdrew all my money, over $15 thousands. Again I was surrounded, but this time by cops I recognized. One of them said, just give me the cash and I will let you go. But I ran. I knew I needed the money to arrange a flight to another country.

* The Psychological Interrogation
Again the cars with diplomatic license plates showed up. And the got me again. They hit me real hard in my face. Again I was taken to a spe###l room. It had a projector in it, it just projected on the silver screen, although a very large one. I saw a big circle the same as on the ### website. This time I was tied into a chair. They even tie your head, so you could only see the silver screen. And the interrogator said, We mean you no harm, we are good people, we protect the USA against terrorist, we will help you! Just watch. And believe me, what I was forced to watch and hear was so horror, like Faces Of Death, but on a much larger scale. Every time I closed my eyes they hurt me in my side and ribs. My heart was bouncing in a faster and faster pace. I saw people shooting themselves through the head. I saw a little girl put in a gasschamber. I was forced to see how people got a lethal injection, I was forced to see the most horrible videos you can think of, inter between images of my family members were shown.
And they said, you can save your families lives. You have to do something about us, 'Do you know where Kings Cross is?'. And I was scared, no, no , no. They continued look, you do something for us, we do something for you. And the silver screen showed people like Mohamed Atta, and other terrorists I have seen from 9/11 on television. Next another interrogator came in, and said to the other one, 'stupid fool, he is a Jew, he won't do it, he isn't a Muslim!'. And again they let me go, they even gave me the $15 thousands back.

* The Escape
I had a speeding ticket, I paid it, you cannot leave the country if you have fines. I bought a ticket to a place far away. I lived in freedom again but only for one month. Shortly before the return I tried to hang myself, I was not allowed to stay in that country, because I did not had enough money. I was asked why I tried to hang myself, but could not say much. You know that people who talk about the ### crimes are treated badly everywhere, and how could I ever say, I was called a terrorist by the ###.

* The Return
One day after my return a car came fast and stopped in front of me, 3 people stepped out. They took me. This time to jail, they said I was a threat to society, that they had been warned by Interpol and the FBI, and I thought about Kings Cross. It was everywhere on the news, and I thought how is it possible, the ### tried me to force me to participate on Kings Cross terrorist attack, but I am not able to do such crimes, I am against war, and terror. And I thought perhaps it looks very bad on the ### its resume when a Jew would have had conspired in an attack by the public assumed to be done by Muslims. I heard very bad things about the little jail I was kept for 2 weeks, a lot of suicides happened here. The police is known to use/trade forbidden substances, so I was really scared. I said before someone of the police simply wanted the $15 thousands when I withdrew it.

* The Chemical Torture
The police said, we have a nice place to put you away, and I was taken in a police car, and handed over to a car, again with a diplomatic license plate.

They wanted to know what I did. They tied something and looked, and one of them showed a bottle, and an injection needle. I assure you I do not know what it was, but it caused even more pain than everything I had ever felt before, but I did not die and was still conscious, however I could not move, I could not talk. But I could hear, they talked about cardiac arrest, brain dead, heart rate, blood pressure, and suddenly I was able to move my tongue again, and they said 'We know that you feel very nice, want another shot?'. And I was in full rendition and surrender, I confessed everything they wanted me to confess, including crimes before I was even born, the 9/11 attack, Kings Cross. And how I took THE DESIGN with me on the airplane and gave to others. In the hope everyone would have the design. I do not talk about something that is what the design really means. But see next chapter.

* The Dollar
The Dollar is bound to oil, in the past it was bound to gold, since there is not enough gold, America bound the Dollar to oil. Once this connection is lost, the Dollar will fall, I assume. This is just my thought. This is reason to prevent many inventions for entering the market. I found out many inventors who worked on a better way of energy were simply murdered, found dead, died in accidents, or committed suicide. I hope you understand what I was working on, it could never be used as a weapon however. The Dollar will fall when the oil is gone?

* The Gas Attack
I was locked up in a room, they said, just try to sleep, and since I was scared I could not sleep, someone opened the door and threw something inside, it was sissing, vapor rose up. And this time I was burning up real hard, from the inside, I could no longer breath, and lost consciousness. It was light again when I woke up. Oohs, the pain. And again I was set free. With the advice, 'Just commit suicide, it is your only option.' I knew I was harmed with extremely dangerous chemicals, and from young and healthy I was for many years to come almost suffocating everyday. I decided to study chemical warfare, against my will, TO CURE MYSELF. It was very difficult but eventually I found out I needed atropine based medication. Cannot go in detail, but it keeps me alive. I am severely handicapped although.

* Victims of The ###
I was locker up with others, and asked about their crimes. Never I have found with anyone of them INTERROGATED BY THE ### a trace of terror. It was like soldiers rufusing to kill, math teachers who created theories of their own, scientists and MANY JEWS.

* Rise of the ###
The ### was founded in 1947 by president Truman. Many Nazi scientists were taken to the USA, they were put inside the ###. Youtube for MK ULTRA or OPERATION PAPERCLIP. That is how I explain their hate for Jews.

* So many more
If you study the ###, I assure you they commit the most attroucious crimes you can think of. I suspect they killed thousands.

* People Enjoying Pain
All the people I have seen within the ### seemed to enjoy and like what they do, they do not understand they are evil. They told me, 'We are both, GOOD AND BAD.' But I disagree, never trust the ###, wheter you are Gay, Jew, Muslim, Lesbian, Hetero, President, Dicatator, Citizen, WE ARE ALL IN DANGER!